The most influential story teller wins. Let's discover your style, develop your message, and deliver it for impact.

As a leader you’ve got the experience, stories, success, and wisdom that makes you an “A” level leader. 


But you know your ability to communicate doesn’t showcase all you have to offer. 


The good news? Being a world-class speaker is a learnable skill.


The challenge? The secret is to learn the skill without imitating someone else. You want to learn how to be the world-class version of you.

Figure That Speaking Out will guide you into how you can be your world-class best.
And we’ll do the work together.

Why Can I Help?


Why Do I Want to Help? 



Like I said in the video, “the most influential storyteller wins”. The world needs more leaders like you increasing in effectiveness. My passion as a speaker, author, and coach is to support ambitious leaders to help make their worlds better.



Who Have I Helped?



“Since working with Chris, I have seen marked improvement in my presentation effectiveness and feel more confident delivering my message. Using Chris’ framework, I learned techniques for quickly establishing a connection with my audience, offering my unique insights, and sharing how we will take action. This story telling approach makes me feel comfortable and authentic and allows me to show empathy and connect with my audience, while demonstrating the business value of the subject at hand.”


John Carter

President and COO,

Nationwide Financial

 “Thanks to Chris and SightShift for helping me prepare for the Commencement Address that was the largest speaking opportunity of my career. I could not have done it without Chris. He prepared me both mentally and with great suggestions to make the most impact on my audience.”


Lori Kaiser

CPA, CEO Kaiser Consulting

"I went into SightShift thinking I’d be getting career coaching and a way to better plan out what was next for me. What I ended up getting was much more actionable - a real set of tools to use in the day to day experience of facing challenging situations and handling the pressures of work and life. I wish everyone had the skills I learned from SightShift - the change it’s had on me over the past year has been that powerful."


Super (Suprasanna Mishra)

Product Manager



You know the truth:

  • You already know how much it increases your impact and income to be a world class speaker.

  • You appreciate how a customizable coaching system can speed up your implementation and expand your awareness for what’s possible.

If you know those 2 truths then the
Figure That Speaking Out coaching system
can set you free in 3 ways:

  • It’s customizable to you. The Figure That Speaking Out coaching system helps you discover your speaking style for authenticity and relatability. 

  • It speeds up your preparation. The Figure That Speaking Out coaching system will teach you a template to develop a powerful message in a moment's notice.

  • It helps you transform audiences. The Figure That Speaking Out coaching system guides you step by step in a customized way to deliver for highest impact.

You will leave this program with 4 results:

A world class talk that is your unique-to-you message shaped for the highest impact.

A template to put together a talk on the spot that will help you maximize every moment.

A mindset process to help you perform on stage
and in every communication moment like a natural.

A tactical process to unleash your ability to become a fluid and dynamic speaker on demand.

We’ll set up a 15 minute phone call to make sure the program is a good fit.



Do you have a big stage (video?) presentation that you need to get ready for?

We will do the work together. You will finish tomorrow’s work today.




Do you have communication opportunities in your life and
leadership you need to maximize?

You will leave this program ready for each moment. 



What is the structure of the program?


Part 1

Part 2

Discover, Develop, and Deliver your Message (3 meetings of up to 2 hours).


Part 3

Observation (I watch a recording of the talk or you present to me and fine-tune to mastery level).



(All the meetings are done virtually so you’ll need to be able to meet by video.)

“Chris helped me overcome my fears, helped me learn to craft my story and he also gave me the skills to give a commencement speech to over 7000 people! I couldn't have done it without Chris.”

Lori Kaiser

CPA, CEO Kaiser Consulting

"Having 38 restaurants, and the conversations that I’m having that I haven't had to have before, it felt like the right time to take the course. I’m trying to do more videos and less one-on-one. You ask the right questions at the right time. This course has the ‘no B.S. factor’. It’s straight to the point, you tell it like it is. It also helps you understand where you are performing and doing well. You cut to the chase."

Timmy McCarthy

Founder & Culture Captain, RCO Limited

We’ll set up a 15 minute phone call to make sure the program is a good fit.

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